Travel with your passion

The 1st free hosting network between fans

FreeCouch4Fans was created to bring a new affordable option for fans and sport enthusiasts when they travel while connecting and exchanging with like-mindeds

1. Olympic games - Average nightly rate

2. Brazil world cup 2014 - accommodation inflation

3. English teams - 2018 hotel rates inflation

They joined FreeCouch4Fans




Our aim

“Create a community around which fans would offer a free stay as well as a chance to share their passion.

Ultimately we are looking at disrupting the current practices, but also to develop a new way to support one’s team as well as how one consume sports while sharing a set of core values of respect, sharing and solidarity.”

How can we make it happen ?

Join the movement

Help us building a significant community to make a difference

Offer your spare bed

Offer your accommodation or reach out to members of the community to stay and share a unique experience

Our values


We fans face the same hurdles on a regular basis, solidarity is the key to help us to overcome these challenges

Sharing our passion

Passions is what defines us and the experience is multiplied when shared with others


Any type of discrimination is banned from this community

The project inception

We followed with great interest fans’ initiative that blossomed during games like Dortmund vs Monaco in April 2017 with #BedsForAwayFans after a terrorist attack to help stranded supporters to find a place where to spend the night.

Or in Kiev for the Champions League Final Liverpool vs Real Madrid with #FreeKyivCouch4Fans where hospitality providers or airbnb hosts have multiplied their prices up to 100x fold and even cancelled previous reservations made to increase their prices.

This triggered a thought process of how such actions could be leveraged and structured around a community to answer an unmet and well needed need.

Our team

Byllel, 34, Business Development

“Connecting People”

Gianni, 34, Information Technology

“Technology Passionate”

Mathieu, 31, Business Development

“Tactical Team Player”

Simone, 37, Information Technology

“Agile Enthusiast”