Leaving for 6 days in Russia with no accomodations, no tickets nor tranportation booked

Here I am, Mathieu, 30, originally from Marseille France, sitting in the airport lobby in front of the gate departing from Zürich to Moscow. It has been a crazy day, with little sleep as I booked my return ticket in the spur of the moment and the excitation at 3am, leaving the same day at 10PM.

This adventure had started about a month ago when my friend & now business partner and I decided to create Freecouch4fans (link to landing page). Passionate about sports and entrepreneurship, at a crossroad in my life, this idea had formed in a timely fashion, with a twist of destiny.

Inspired by the dramatic events in Dortmund (vs Monaco in 2017) as well as the firstly revolting and the inspiring events in Kiev, we decided to structure a new way to consume sports, human, ethical and responsible.

During this month we had been doing all the necessary preparations needed for setting up a concept project scope definition, logo, advertising, website building, social networks etc. We already embarked on a first trip to Moscow of 6 days during the early days of the world cup from which I got back a week ago full of wonderful memories.

But this was different. Though our first trip was successful, this would be the first time we would try our concept ourselves. I wasn’t entirely sure about the how I but I knew what would be my aim:

Sleeping at locals, preferably fans of football and experiencing the world cup in a totally new way and in the cheapest possible way, for which I will be keeping a diary, as well as a tab on my daily expenses.

I will land in Moscow tomorrow early morning at 2.30am in Shermetyevo Airport and am planning to leave the same day for Nizhny Novgorod by train.

Today I’ve been trying to prepare my arrival, crucial step given that the game is in 2 days in Nizhny Novgorod. I have sent a few messages on some freecouching website in Nizhny Novgorod and social networks to get a ticket for France – Uruguay and a couch to spend 2 nights.

So far the result is null:
I couldn’t book the free train online, the time schedule is aweful (departue at 2 am and arrival at 9 am).
And I only have a shaky contact with some guy selling a ticket whom I contacted on Facebook.

Anyways I know this will all be system-D type of trip so I will have to convince and “charm” my way through on the spot.

I’m now boarding the plane in a strange state of serendipity while knowing this ain’t going to be easy…

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