Last day, Semi-final day

I am experiencing that way-too-rare-yet-amazing feeling of a decent night of sleep as I wake up. I hear some shuffling about in the other room and I realize that Svyat’s wife Ksenyia has arrived, she’s super kind and as in love with France as Misha who sang us the national anthem yesterday (“La Marseillaise”).

She takes control of things here and start preparing breakfast and give me some sort of traditional Russian crepe that her mum has prepared. Yummy.


Post breakfast and some talks, I am being offered a tour in a nice park prior to my departure.

After getting ready we jump in the metro and a few stops later wait a very long time for a monorail which takes us to the park called” Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy”. Sounds pretty soviet propaganda to me 😉

It is the symbol of the former stars (districts) and successes of the USSR (most notably the Soyouz rockets), absolutely magnificent!
We enjoy our very last moments together by taking a couple of pictures together and return home.

Freecouch4fans hosts

We get some Borscht on the way, some sort of beetroot soup with meat and I pack up all my things. I am being offered Misha’s local football club jersey and I trade him my France t-shirt one of my only pieces of fan item left. I offer Ksenyia my French wig and she in return gives a headband with 2 russian flags popping up.

Freecouch4fans gift

I thank them a lot for everything and order myself a Uber (600 RUB, 7.6 EUR) to the airport. I feel like I’ve been gone for over a month but it’s only been 5 days! I note while getting to the airport that my plane is on time meaning I should be able to watch a good part of the game after having landed in Zurich.

While waiting for the plane I summarize my budget of the trip:

Standard expenses

  • Return flights ZUR-MOS : 300 EUR
  • Quarter final ticket 15000 RUB, 188 EUR
    Quarter final ticket Andrew 12600 RUB, 158 EUR

Total: 646 EUR

On-site expense

  • Average daily on-site expenses: 66 EUR

Total: 395 EUR

Grand Total: 1041 EUR

A pretty cheap budget especially when you know everything I’ve done (parties, dinners, additional train ticket, one extra ticket for Andrew and so on…), but that was totally worth it.

Savings on accommodation (depending on the type of budget you usually spend)

  • Low Budget: 30 EUR per night = 150 EUR
  • Medium Budget: 60 EUR per night = 300 EUR
  • High Budget: 100 EUR per night = 500 EUR

Quite some nice savings !

I land in Zurich, 20 minutes into the game against Belgium and manage to meet my friends to witness France beat Belgium, possibly the toughest game of all! We are in final!!

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