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It’s on for a fantastic football year, my name is Byllel, unconditionnal fan of the greatest french team: “Olympique de Marseille”
Season ticket holder since the age of 14 in the northern tribune, my passion for the fan atmosphere led me to visit many stadiums all over the world. From Maracana to the Vélodrome, my thing is to share my passion with other football fans.

Freecouch4fans host

For tonight’s game between the Olympique de Marseille and the Toulouse Football Club, there are many a fan travelling and who have contacted me through the Freecouch4fans platform to live the renowned Vélodrome atmosphere, one of the hottest in Europe.
Today’s objective:
Host 3 #FREECOUCHERS and show the olympian passion to fans that have come from all over the world.

Here’s a quick introduction of today’s guests:
Evgueni, Young sport student coming straight out of Moscow, huge CSKA Moscou fan, on holiday in the south of France. He likes to discover the hottest atmosphere from all over Europe, from Istanbul to Marseille, and is having big expectations for his first encounter with the “Vélodrome” (how much I’d like to step in his shoes and discover this wonderful stadium for the first time).
Anna, a young New Yorker, spending a holiday in Marseille, Rodrigo and his 2 friends from Paris as well as Aurélien and his brother coming from Switzerland will also join myself and Yevgueni, discoring for the first time the atmosphere of le Vélodrome.

Departure from Aix en Provence 4.30PM towards the Yankees office, to meet some friends from the Dodgers Occitanie Section, meeting each other before the game to grab a drink, a Pastis (“Pastaga”) and discuss the still ongoing transfer period which a slow starter this year, big disappointment for the fans.

The Swiss brothers and my guests come to join us to discover from closer the passion embodied by an entire city. The Marseillan road trip will take us around 18h at the notorious bar “l’Olympe” a few meters away from the stadium for us to meet the rest of the guests while having a drink with a Marseille fan legend René Malleville.

Freecouch4fans hosts and guests

Party atmosphere around the story of our team, Anne and Evgueni join us and share this pregame moment where we get to all know each other and some of the historical Marseillan ultra songs.
7.30PM, time to get into the arena, eyes full of stars, my guests are all sold.


4 goals later with a broken voice, it’s now time to say goodbye to our friends from Switzerland, New York and Paris.
Heading back home with today’s guests.

On the way back we share our best fan memories, from Marseille, Moscow, Rio and all the way to Istanbul.
We end the evening around the table talking about our respective projects, lives etc.
It’s 2am, and tomorrow’s alarm at 7am is going to hurt !

We leave at 8am for the Marseille Saint Charles Train station to drop off my new friends after a new unforgettable experience.
Looking forward to the next games !!!

Freecouch4fans host and guests

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