Ultra travelling from afar with #Freecouch4fans

New adventure during this season with Rennes coming to visit the Vélodrome Stadium for the 3rd fixture of the season.
Mathieu president of the Occitanie fan section is just like every week travelling from his hometown of Carcassone along with his other members.
In total more than 50 ultras travel across France and Europe to light up the Vélodrome stadium.
They frequently meet up to prepare their journey, be it when Marseille plays home or away even during the European cup !
Real passionates that I met last year during the Olympico (Marseille vs Lyon).

Our friends and partners Football club de Marseille, famous local online media, wanted to interview those fans living their passion afar from Marseille.
Only a few texts were necessary to setup the interview and Mathieu used of course #Freecouch4Fans to book his sunday night stay.
The team and fans disappointment was however great after struggling to draw against Rennes. We therefore decided to drink our sorrows away in a notorious pub on “La pointe Rouge” a location by the Marseille shoreline.
Until 2AM we discussed and replayed the game in our heads with friends and my guest also took part in giving his concession free opinion about the game.
After a few drinks, we finally went home to rest before tomorrow’s shooting at our friends from Football Club Marseille.


Short stop for Breakfast at “Les Terrasses du port” overlooking the Marsillian coastline to get some energy before confronting the question of our mighty duo Mourad & Benji, local journalists.
After an hour shooting, it was time to get back on the road for Mathieu, direction his hometown Carcassone after an awesome week end !


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