My week end in Marseille at Belinda’s

Following my early morning flight on Saturday morning, I land in Marseille where I am set to watch my very first Olympique de Marseille game.

It is my first time in Marseille and I found an accommodation at Belinda’s on FreeCouch4Fans.FreeCouch4Fans works in a similar fashion as Couchsurfing, it is however aimed at Football fans’ (as well as sports fans in general). Local supporters can during fort he fixtures day offer to host fans from all over the world for free for a night or 2. Therefore a very cool idea to bring football fans together and to enable an overall great experience.

Over the first day, my host shows me around Marseille, a lively and fascinating city. We visit the Cathedral, the Old Harbor, and wander around the many pedestrian zones. We then spend the afternoon on the beach. For dinner, I offer Belinda to cook a typical German dish. Tonight’s menu: Fricadelle and German beer.
Marion, a South African supporting Marseille, arrives during the evening, and will also stay at Belinda’s tonight to go and watch tomorrow’s game.

On Sunday, we spend a relaxing day in Belinda’s flat, watching the day’s football games, one after the next. We set about being on our way to the stadium around 5PM to get ourselves a handful of beers in a supporter’s bar before the game. 3 hours before the game and the atmosphere is already electric, almost everyone is wearing either a white and blue shirt or the club ‘s scarf.

The Vélodrome is simply astounding, a wonder of stadium. What is making it even more incredible ist the extraordinary atmosphere, which is brought by the Ultra groups. Indeed, both Northern and Southern tribunes contribute to the atmosphere while backing their football team.
Icing on the cake, Marseille beats in a spectacular 4:0 victory its today’s opponent, Guingamp.

Belinda has been a very friendly host and we enjoyed great conversations. It was all-in all a super interesting and successful week end in Marseille.
Thank you Belinda and FreeCouch4Fans.

Tim Sontag.

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